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Registration fees may be paid by check sent to the registrar at the address shown in the sidebar at right, as long as the check is made out to
the Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy Fund
in US dollars and drawn on an American bank or a US account with an ABA number.

You may also fax or mail your credit card information to Argo Books [(802) 899-2986 or 88 Old Pump Road, Essex, VT 05452-2742], as long as you include:
  • your credit card number
  • your name as it appears on the card
  • the expiration date (mm/yy) printed on the card
  • and a clear statement that the charge is for the ERH Roundtable Discussion; make clear whether you are registering for both days or, if only for one, which day.
Argo will NOT accept this information by e-mail. Phone calls are discouraged because they create no paper trail and the director is often away from home.

So, that's by check to the registrar [address in sidebar at right] or by credit card to Argo Books [address and fax number above]. Please don't reverse the arrangement!

NB: in either case your payment MUST be in hand no later than June 14th.
Please try to have your checks in the mail by June 1st!


Click here to download the registration form for this year's ERH Roundtable; those thinking of attending should fill out the table and email it to the registrar. We will eventually be posting the papers for download as well, but at the moment the registration form is the only thing available for download.


You are cordially invited to attend an informal two-day roundtable discussion of the life and work of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy, to be held Thursday, July 6th and Friday, July 7th, 2006, in the "barn" at Raymond Huessy's home in Norwich, VT.

The round table is being held in lieu of the formal conference announced for July of 2005, and is dedicated to the memory of Konrad von Moltke.

We invite you to submit papers for discussion in a more informal setting than originally envisioned, although you should be aware that in scheduling, preference will be given to those who prepared papers for last year's "Writing ERH" conference.

The roundtable will be conducted in English. Because of the late date of this announcement, we hope that you will understand that we need to compromise between the time you need to compose your papers, and the time everyone else needs to read and think about them. Papers must be submitted for circulation in soft form [as RTF, DOC, or PDF files] no later than JUNE 14th in order to qualify for discussion at the roundtable.

Papers submitted after June 14th, or beyond a certain number to be determined, will be circulated, but not scheduled for discussion. We hope that you will understand if your paper cannot be scheduled; please consider coming to spend time with us anyway, to listen and take part in the discussion.

Raymond Huessy is acting as registrar; there is a link to his e-mail address in the side-bar on the right. Registration, in fact ALL roundtable business, will be handled by e-mail. The fees for participation in the roundtable are $30 a day, or $50 for both days. Unless you specifically state otherwise, we will assume that you are attending both days; if that is not the case, PLEASE say so explicitly and let us know which day you will attend. We ask that you notify us of your intention to attend as soon as possible, but in any case no later than May 14th. [Make sure that you include the e-mail address to which you want roundtable papers sent, and which of the acceptable soft formats you can access.]

We will need to have your registration fee in hand no later than June 14th if you want to be included in the meal service. Please send your check to the registrar at the address shown in the sidebar on the right. That is also the location of the roundtable, and you can follow the link under the address to directions.

We will open with an evening reception on Wednesday, July 5th at 7:30 pm, and then reconvene the following morning to begin discussion of the papers scheduled. We hope to be able to keep enough "air" in the program to allow lots of time off for informal talks, walks, and [temperature permitting] dips in the Norwich Pool, which is within easy walking distance but VERY cold.

There will be a breakfast buffet available in the "barn" on the days of the roundtable, and lunches will be provided for registered participants. Everyone is on their own for dinner Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. There is lots of room inside the barn, but parking is extremely limited. Please carpool and park at the town lot at "Huntley Meadows" if you can, which is less than a quarter of a mile away on Turnpike Road.

Please plan to stay for the "Eugen Party" at Four Wells at noon on Saturday, July 8th and an informal presentation by Hal Berman [one of ERH's first students at Dartmouth] back in the "barn" at 7:30 pm Saturday night. Hal will speak, answer questions, and lead our last discussion; then we will have a farewell glass of wine together to close out the week.

We look forward to seeing you in Norwich.

Clinton Gardner
Thomas Duncanson
Raymond Huessy, registrar

As more details of the schedule become available, they will be posted to this blog.
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